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The Stainless Sensation

A 500-page scrapbook covering the most incredible story in automotive history by Alexx Michael, with the help of Barrie Wills, the longest serving employee of DeLorean Motor Cars Limited. Containing never-before-seen letters, documents, images and archive material. The first 1000 books come with a bookmark & commemorative collector coin. 


We look directly into The DeLorean Motor Company, John DeLorean and his creation, the DMC12. 

Available directly from, DeLorean Europe and 

Autotechik Wagner in Germany.

John DeLorean became the Rockstar of the American Automotive Industry with his inspirations in developing the GTO and the Firebird classics, subsequently becoming the youngest Vice President of General Motors history however, DeLorean had a different dream…

Going out of his way to build no ordinary car, the DMC12 would challenge America’s automotive industry expectations, emphasising safety and fuel economy above all. With a plastic body and stainless steel skin, there would be no choice in colour, but in exchange, the buyer would become the proud owner of a stainless sensation, lasting lifetimes longer than other cars on the market.

Unfortunately, by creating one of the most recognised cars in the auto industry, outselling Porsche and Mercedes in the US within 6 months of production, something was bound to go wrong.

This 500-page scrapbook uncovers direct inside looks into The DeLorean Motor Company, John DeLorean and his creation, the DMC12. What went so wrong? Why was the FBI out to destroy the company, his name and everything he had ever worked for? Find out by Looking Inside!

  • Rare inside look into the Delorean Motor Company.

  • New insights by Barrie Wills, the longest serving employee of DMC.

  • New information for even the most knowledgeable DeLorean enthusiast.

  • More than 400 document pages.

  • Never before seen letters, over 350 images, sketches, archive materials & more.

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